Enter Me

This blog is about absolutely nothing, so I kind of feel bad that you stumbled on it. I woke up one morning and thought that it would cool to have a blog about absolutely nothing, and I don’t really plan on anyone reading it so I thought I could write whatever I wanted to see it online and know that I can write whatever i want because no one will read it.

So I was walking along the water the other day and couldn’t help but notice a bunch of people arguing over a can of coke. It made me laugh because I always find it funny when people argue over such trivial things when there are plenty of people around the world with real problems and issues.

But I digress…

I’ve been getting more and more into fitness recently. It really helps me keep my head on my shoulders and helps me get to sleep at night much better. If I am feeling stressed for any reason then I know that a good workout is all I need. This all started because I needed to know how to lose face fat because every time I smiled I would see this huge cheeks and a double chin. The face fat has been driving me crazy for a long time so I thought hey why not try something new and do some face exercises and stuff like that….

Then wouldn’t you know it it started to work and stuff. I started doing alot of cardio too and that was fun as well. I started playing alot of great tennis and that has really been a blast. I always wanted to learn it and I finally did. Serving is definitely tough but it’s a great workout and has been alot of fun.

Let’s see, what else…

Well it turns out that when I started going to this one masseuse she has been able to get alot of the kinks out of my muscles. I really love long massages now and it has definitely relaxed me alot, especially facial exercises that you find here as well. That combined with the exercise above, has really removed my stress.

My problem with dark circles has also seemed to have gone away as well. That was a huge surprise for me because they have been bothering me for a long time. The thing is that I always tried alot of makeup and coverup and stuff but nothing seemed to work. I hated when people commented on my dark circles under eyes but there wasn’t anything I could do about it. So I went to see a doctor and they didn’t help at all. They told me to get more sleep. Everyone knows that isn’t the answer for everything. So what I did was change my diet alot and eat alot more fruits and veggies and fish and that has seemed to help. I figured what I put into my body will affect what comes out, so that’s that.

Here was a pretty cool video I found on concealing the dark circles:

Fashion is something I have always been into as well. I love new, trendy dresses and stuff like that. So when I started looking for hairstyles for round faces I was surprised by how much different types of hairstyles that existed for me.

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